Errant voices

Nevertheless, the Musselman testifies without words, through the survivors


Rousseau characterizes himself as a person who acts in accordance with his own desires, motives, ideals and beliefs. They are not only of his own, but they also express who he really is

Solitary confinement

De onzichtbare macht is altijd aanwezig, het is de in-en uitademing van het systeem


I keep hearing the chainsaw, cutting an intense pain through my soul

The missing question in solitary confinement

They made him realize that he was a decent human being, who could achieve things if given the opportunity

Pen pal in de pijplijn

Zoals de bewaker over jou waakt, zo waak jij over de ziel in je kerker, waarvan de sleutel tot verlossing is weggegooid

The danger of objectifying life

Because once we see that other life as an object we can cross lines of dignity, value and respect in order to surrender this life to us

Jesus or Brian? A commentary on Monty Python's Life of Brian

Does that mean that he is the son of god or a son of god? This essay deals with this question

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